Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Swap is Good

Was going to take a screenshot showing how I really almost need an upgrade when things went off the rails…

Dangerously close to running out of memory

Suddenly my computer stopped responding. Then, after a long time, I got a message from Chrome that it could not allocate any more memory. I thought that was odd since I have 32GB of swap space. That is when I noticed (as you may have already) that my System Monitor was telling me that there is “No swap space available”. Interesting…

I don't think those should be commented

Not sure what I was doing or when, but clearly I forgot to undo it. I uncommented those two lines and executed:

$ sudo swapon -a

enter image description here

That is much better. Shortly after, about half a gig of memory was swapped out and things started working a lot more smoothly.

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