Thursday, January 26, 2012


And on with the saga…
Finally, I started to work with Qyoto (.NET Qt Bindings). The packages on Ubuntu did not work and I had to hack for a long time to even get something to build. I was pretty happy when I did, but my excitement was short lived. Again I could not generate Boo code and had to settle for C#. This time it was a little worse though. See, to use Qyoto you have to edit the UI in QtDesigner, save your file, run uics to generate the C# code, then go back to MonoDevelop and reload the file. Build and run and hope the debugger attaches and hope the app does not suddenly exit. Rinse and repeat…
Qt is much nicer than GTK, but it has the same problem that it does not integrate with the .Net data structures. Again, no databinding with UI controls, etc… With all the problems with MonoDevelop, Mono, the and the UI I finally gave up.

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