Friday, January 27, 2012

Mono Woes

And finally we get to what is wrong with Mono. Aside from the tool-chain and various other issues, I found several problems with the framework itself.

First, and probably the most annoying thing is that when one of my apps crashes and the stack trace is printed, the mono framework seems to go AWOL. Running the application again produces nothing. It just immediately returns to the prompt with no error or any suggestion as to why. After waiting for appoximately two minutes Mono will start to work again. This is a major impediment to the edit/compile/debug cycle and happens consistently.

Another major issue is the Console.Readline() only intermittently echos the character you typed back to the screen. You never know if you have typed what you think you typed. Did the character not appear because you did not hit the key hard enough or because it did not get echoed back?

Finally, I also found that long running programs regularly exit without any errors. Just run a simple GUI app from the console and return a few hours later. The app will be closed and there will be nothing on stdout to suggest why.

Poor development tools are something that I can work around, but a frame*work* that does not work is something I cannot tolerate.

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