Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Enter Qt

So, what ever happened to my little .NET application that fell apart when it hit Mono?

Since I run KDE, I was hoping to get something written with Qt such that it looked native on my desktop. In looking around I found that there appears to be two main languages that Qt developers use: Python and C++. Both are languages that I am quite comfortable developing in and both are cross-platform. However, Python has two drawbacks:
  1. it’s not compiled, which makes releasing on Windows somewhat troublesome, and
  2. I was not able to find a Python IDE that had a visual designer.
Interestingly, since the application was a mix of Boo and C# half of it would port nicely to either language. In the end I decided on C++, and QtCreator for my IDE. QtCreator is a nice lean IDE with QtDesigner integrated in for UI creation.

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